Textures are not showing up

Hi everyone ! My SketchUp textures are not showing up. When I click on Landscaping, all the textures are only displayed in basic colors but I can’t see, for example, grass or leaves. In contrast, when I click on Wood, everything displays normally.
Have you ever experienced the same problem please?
Thanks !

Two common reasons for this.

  1. Face style is set to Shaded instead of Shaded with textures.

  2. The model is created much larger than it should be. Check known dimensions in the model.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got and the fix will be easy enough to sort out.


Hi !
Thanks a lot for your answer !
I checked it but even when i’m creating a new sketchup file, I don’t see some textures.

here are the links :

Thanks !!