Textures only showing as solid colours?!?



Hi there,

Would anyone be able to help me,

I am using sketch up pro 2017

Am currently working on a house design for a client and every time I go to add a texture it just turns into a solid colour that is found in that texture.
For example trying to add timber flooring and it just changes to brown.

Have shaded with textures on and in the right style so not sure whats going on.



Maybe you could share the SKP file so we can see what’s going on?


For some reason it will show texture of components I have used from the warehouse but not any of my own images that I want to use as a texture.

The ‘brown’ section is meant to be timber.


Your image shows the symptom but isn’t enough to let us diagnose the ultimate cause. Could you upload the .skp file itself?


Do I just share the saved file?

Or is there another way?


If the skp is <3MB, you can drag-n-drop it into your reply or you can click this icon at the top of the reply to select a file from your computer. If it is >3MB you will need to load it to a file-sharing site or the 3D Warehouse and share the link here.


It is saying my file is too large


By the way, your forum profile shows your Operating System as 2.32f20. So far as I know, there is no operating system of that name. But I did find that one variant of the Mac SMC has that version number. Are you on a Mac? If so, what version of OS X are you running? Please update your profile to show that info. The answer may be important for us to help you.


So sorry, I am hopeless with computers and didn’t even know what that meant so just guessed it,

Will try find that now


My guess would be that you have drawn it so big or small that you can’t see the texture.
The imported components are probably retaining their material scale.



I was using windows however I recently upgraded to a mac and was using textures fine until now, it just seems they won’t show anymore, and I was also using sketchup 2016


Version: 10.12.3 (16D32)


Which surface and material are the problem? In your original image, the wall to the left of the cabinet looks to be painted with a brown material, but in the skp you uploaded it has the default material (see attached image).


Is there a way to check this to see if this is the issue?


I see textures displayed for materials that have them, but the Material43 has no texture assigned.
Is this actually the [non]issue ?

Incidentally you also have several reversed faces which might accept a textured material OK, but most rendering apps will not render ‘back-faces’… Reverse the faces as required…


Yes the ones from warehouse for some reason have their textures,

But any materials I have saved as a jpeg to upload as a texture will show up as a texture on paint bucket but once applied just changes to a solid colour


It mustn’t have saved properly sorry!


Could you share the image you’re trying to use as a texture?