Scaling textures/materials on a model perfectly

Hello I am having a problem with scaling my texture/material perfectly on the face of the model i dont know what the perfect scale number is. Basically I just want the material to be one giant one on the face.
but instead it wants to split up into a bunch of tiny ones multiplied like this and I dont want this:

I want to figure out what the scale number is for the exact perfect giant one instead of lots of tiny ones. I like the first picture not the second one i need the texture/material to be one giant perfect one and not tiny ones.

So instead of taking hours of guessing the scale by typing on the scale number bar 1-through-######## is there a plugin that can fit the material perfect on the face.

Thanks :slight_smile:

i want it to be like this:

instead of it splitting up into a bunch of tiny ones.

Please help Thanks you :slight_smile:

Try importing your texture as an image rather than a texture. You’ll find that you can simply drag it bigger…like you were using the rectangle tool. You can even tweak it later to fine-tune the scale. When you are happy that it’s the correct size then select and explode it.
You can either use the exploded image itself as the surface upon which you want to paint it, or try projecting it from the imported image to the prepared surface.

I just posted a tutorial on how to bring in textures the correct size.

thanks you very much basically that is a special material that i want to fir a shape/3d model

i will try out the video :slight_smile:

wait a minute i do want it as material not as image because then it turn out like this:

basiclly when i import the model witht he textures everything is fine but when i try to repaint the face with the same texture it re scales the texture into a bunch of tiny multipled ones. i just want it one. here is the texture for the walls:

when i re paint the texture it turns out like this:

so once i repaint it do i just keep guessing the texture scale from one 1to ##### until it turnout perfect or is there a plugin or something that fits the texture on the face properly.

basically the texture is suppose to wrap around the custom shape/model that is what this texture is for.

like this:

and notice the black line from the texture is in the crack in the wall that i what i want :slight_smile:

i am applying the texture to the group.

wait a minute i am applying it to a face

will my problem be solved if i make it into a group first…

never mind i still have problem.

sorry basically here is what i want it to be and i dont know how it got like this in the first place i want to figure out how it got like that so i can do it more without copying the shape. i want to learn how it got that way i like it that way. here is a pic:

instead of:

i dont know why it breaks it up into tiny bits.

oh sorry you just want one post sorry my bad.

i really am sorry its just i am new to forums.

i believe i found my answer its called uv wrapping. so the texture has different parts that is designed to go around a specific shape. so thats what i need to know :slight_smile: sorry about that.

How do i do that in sketchup :grinning: