Edit the height and width of materials

I’m a woodworker and when I scan lumber to use as a material I can’t seem to get the size right. The image is either too big or too small. When I go to edit the material I see a height and width I can change, but I don’t understand it. I’ve searched several times and I need help. Can someone point me to a help topic? I would really appreciate it.

Generally when I create new wood grain materials I start by drawing a rectangle the size of the material. Then I import the image as a texture and apply it to the rectangle. This results in the material being correctly sized from the beginning. Usually I’m only interested in one dimensions and let the other dimension take care of itself. So if I have a set of wood grain images that come from 8’ long boards, I draw the rectangles for them at 8’ long. The other dimension isn’t critical. When I import the texture image I click at the bottom left corner and then on the edge at the 8’ foot distance.

Here I have three pieces of spalted maple to use as textures. The textures are all 114 in. long and random widths so three rectangles that are 114 inches long and something wide.

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Thanks Dave, I didn’t expect an answer so fast and even a video to show exactly what you are talking about. The problem I have is it plays too fast for me. I guess I’m too old to follow that video Is there a some way I can watch it where I’m able to slow it down like you can in youtube? Thanks again

You’re welcome.

Sorry. I don’t know how to make that run more slowly but there’s a more in-depth thing I did a few years ago at the follwing link.

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Thanks Dave, that link was extremely helpful. I really appreciate the quick and informative response.