Using different wood grains in file

I wanted to use a wood grain image I found online. I tried importing it to the file but not sure how to apply it to the images Ive created. Can anyone explain the steps to do this in simple terms?

What kind of image did you find online? To what file did you import it? How did you import it?

When I make a new texture I start by drawing a rectangle to the size of the texture. Then I use File>Import, select the image file, make sure I select to use it as a texture, and apply it to the rectangle.

Okay so once I apply it as a texture and apply it to the rectangle, how do I use that color or image on something I’ve already drawn?

If you’ve imported it and applied it to a rectangle in your model, you’ll find that texture is in the In Model materials.

If you want you can save the texture into a collection for later use.

Usually when I create new wood grain materials I create somewhere between 3 and 8 from a single log. Here, for example I have three spalted maple planks saved into a collection.
Screenshot - 3_6_2024 , 6_26_37 PM