Issue with Duplicating an imported image and keeping the same scale

Hello guys!

How can we duplicate an imported image used as a texture with keeping the same dimensions? always i have to re-scale it manually.

Thank you!

Can you show us what you’ve got and tell us how you are creating the texture? When I create wood grain textures I always know at least the length of the texture. I draw a rectangle in the model with the length and then use Import to bring in the image as a texture and apply it to that rectangle. Once it is in the model, the dimensions are correct and I don’t have to worry about adjusting it when I use it.

Thanks for your response, i mean the step after that one. Please check attached

Your image doesn’t provide a lot of information. Is one of your boxes scaled? Share the .skp file.

Imag texture import.skp (326.6 KB)

Yes the 1st one is the original, the 2nd one is the copy that i made of the texture so as result it’s smaller and doesn’t match exactly the 1st one, the same thing applies for colors…) each time i have to re scale it manually

Exactly what steps are you using to create the texture?

Why are you creating a new material? And why do you have 3 different ones in the example. If you create the texture correctly in the first place, you shouldn’t need to scale it after you’ve got it in SketchUp. And after you’ve created it, save it to a local collection for later use. How large do you want the texture to be?

By the way, I’d fire the carpenter who built that. He apparently couldn’t get a single screw into the joist underneath.

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lol yeah true. This one was just a random image that i used to explain my question. I’ve been working on several projects where we do many combinations of the same texture scale but with different colors…). Any ways it’s not a big deal. Thank you so much for your help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, the screws are in a nice line! Can’t help if the joist is in the wrong place.


Assuming this is supposed to be a wooden deck texture, I screwed around with the size a little until I got the plansk to be about 5-1/2 in. wide so I knew how wide the texture is supposed to be. Then I imported it into SketchUp and applied it to a rectangle that is the correct width. At that point there’s no need to screw around with texture dimensions anymore. It will apply at the correct dimensions going forward.

Yes i know that, but if you duplicate the texture after changing the scale it won’t work. The issue is with the copy. By the way how are you recording these small videos?

I must be missing something. Are you trying to maintain the same size or create a different sized texture?

Same size.


As for the little videos, I use a GIF capture app called LiceCap.

Exactly! that’s my concern. I wanna maintain the same size

every time i need to redo it manually. Most of the time the project that i work on are really huge and needs several copies so you can imagine how painful is this process :upside_down_face:

I still don’t understand why you aren’t able to create the same size material when you duplicate it. I showed how to do that and that it works fine.

Why would you need more than one copy of a material in a project even if it’s a big one?

i think it’s by default on sketchup.

It’s just a matter of design where we play with colors to design facades but we keep the same size. this is just a small example of the use of it but there are more…

By the way, thanks for the Gif app’s name :+1:

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I’m not doing anything special. It’s just the default behavior to keep the same dimension when you duplicate the texture unless you change it. I don’t know what else to tell you.