Commercial Interiors- Custom Furnishings Lesson

I am working on this lesson and am stuck on the textures. I am adding textures exactly as described, but the scale of my textures is totally off. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. Is there any easy way to fix the scale. The scale is perfect on the square that I added to the model as an image, but what I sample it with the eye dropper & use paint bucket to add it the scale is way to big.
Co-Working1.skp (2.1 MB)
. Any help appreciated.

What actual tutorial are you referring to?

Are these the “materials” you are referring to?

They aren’t materials, yet. They’re just images. You can explode the images to make them materials and then edit the dimensions of them to suit.

When I import textures to use as materials I first draw rectangles that are the correct size for the area the texture is to cover. Then I use File>Import to import the image making sure that I’ve selected Use as material in the Import window. After selecting the image I apply it to the face to fill that face. It is immediately a texture and it’ll automatically be the right size.

BTW, I note you still have incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 3_24_2023 , 6_20_58 PM

I am referring to the tutorials on the Sketchup website. I am adding texture provided with the lesson in the title of my post. Yes, those are textures I am working with. I imported them as images purposely as directed in the lesson. They are already exploded. Their size & scale is not the issue, the issue is that the scale is wrong when I add it to the surfaces. In the tutorial the narrator is doing exactly the same thing I am doing. I am assuming I have some setting wrong that I am not aware of. I am new to SU. If you don’t mind explaining what is wrong with my tag usage? I have untagged selected as my current tag. am I missing something else?
In the attached image you can see how the scale is different on the exploded images & the surfaces I am applying the texture to. This is not the case in the tutorial, the scale in that case is exactly the same as the imported images.

Actually it looks like they were not exploded. I had done it a few times so maybe forgot to explode when I added the texture back in. We shall see.

The presenter in the video isn’t setting the texture size to anything specifically either. He doesn’t seem to be concerned with texture size, at least up through the video with the pool table and trash can. If you want to use the method he shows of importing an image and then exploding it to get a textured face, enter the dimensions of the image as you drag it out–like setting the size when drawing a rectangle.

At some point in your modeling process you wound up with some edges and faces tagged. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. It’s possible that something you got from the 3D Warehouse was already set up that way or you might have assigned a tag to the geometry or if you exploded a tagged group or component, the geometry would inherit the tag. It’s a thing to be concious of and stay on top of because it can create all sorts of headaches for you as you proceed with your modeling if you don’t.

I followed the instructions exactly as indicated especially in that particular portion of the tutorial as that was one section that was very clearly explained. It looks like I just made a careless error & forgot to explode that last time I imported the images. Looks fine now:). Thank you.
In regards to tagging, that portion of the video was very confusing and a lot of the specifics were not clearly indicated. I ended up looking at the sample drawing provided & doing my best to replicate it, but definitely missed a lot of the details where they were not clarified. Maybe my groups & components should have been tagged versus all of the parts of the groups & comps? I’m clumsily going along, but when things are unclear I am failing forward I guess. I ended up back tracking a lot when I would realize something was wrong & by that point there were all sorts of edges & surfaces on top of each other so it would take much longer than if it had been indicated earlier in the lesson. The first 2 lessons were pretty straight forward, but this one had a lot of holes where a quick mention could have saved me a lot of time & trouble down the road. Oh well, learning is hard.

Which part are you referring to?

Certainly the groups and components should be getting the tags, not the edges and faces within the groups and components.

Yes. It can be. There’s a lot of little details that you need to learn to work with. The challenge with tutorials like you’re doing is that they’d get to be many hours longer than they are if every last detail was explained up front. That said, I think it would have been worth the added few moments to talk about how to insert materials so they are the correct size. (Of course you have to know what the correct size should before you import it so it windws up as the right size.)

-The ‘custom furnishings’ video was very clearly explained v/s most other portions of the Commercial Interiors lessons.
-Ok, that makes sense regarding tags. Edges & surfaces should be untagged, components & groups are tag specific.
-The first few lessons aka the fundamentals tutorials were very clear. This one could have been much more clear w/out too much time added frankly. A lot was skipped over which could have been simply addressed. If he had just mentioned what he was doing while doing it for example. It’s already happening, just call it out:). Importing materials & resizing them was mentioned in another video. This was illustrating an additional way to add texture, my careless mistake just made it really complicated. The real issues came up in previous videos prior to adding textures & extruding furniture, like w/tags obviously. Thanks so much.