Material scale Not Consistent

For some reason the same material displays at different scales on different elements in the same model. Anyone else have this problem?

Sounds like you’ve scaled the objects. Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile.

P3.1 Model.skp (3.8 MB)
I am using 29.0.391 Pro. on W10. I think you have it right. Any work around for that or do I have to recreate the texture for each different item?

As far as I know, 29 hasn’t been released yet. Are you from the future or maybe it’s 19.0.391? Either way, please correct and update your profile. That information helps us help you.

I see several problems in your model. First, you have materials applied to group containers and faces. And the faces seem to have different materials that appear to be similar. There are three siding materials that all appear to be the same color or close to the same color and it seems you’ve randomly applied those textures to different parts of the model. Here’s an example:

The side with the windows on this part of the building has one material…
Screenshot - 7_2_2021 , 3_06_31 PM

…while a different material has been applied to the neightboring face.
Screenshot - 7_2_2021 , 3_06_49 PM

The one on the left is set to be 1’4" square.

While the one on the right is set to 4" square.
Screenshot - 7_2_2021 , 3_07_13 PM

Probably the easiest fix is to remove all but one of the siding textures by right clicking on them in the In Model Materials and choosing Delete. Then go through and paint all of the faces that should have siding with the remaining one. Do not paint the group containers. As you go through the model selecting groups, look at Entity Info. If the default material is not applied to the group, apply. For example the group shown selected has a siding material applied to it.

Choose the Default material in the Materials window and apply that to the group.
Screenshot - 7_2_2021 , 3_14_59 PM

Make sure you are using Tags/Layers correctly. ALL edges and faces should have Untagged/Layer 0 assigned to them. I fixed your model for that.
Screenshot - 7_2_2021 , 3_17_04 PM

And purge unused stuff from the file once in awhile. Better than 76% file size reduction.
Screenshot - 7_2_2021 , 3_17_34 PM

There also seems to be quite a lot of unneeded group nesting that will make your work harder. I would suggest having a good look at your model via Outliner to see what you can get rid of.

I took care of some of the issues in your model.

P3.1 Model purged.skp (911.4 KB)

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Got a bit ahead of the pack. It’s V21. Thanks very much for your response and your help.