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I use the SimLab Solidworks importer to use files from my collegues - However when I try to add textures the mapping goes tiny and horizontally. Is there anything I can do to easily fix this issue rather than exploding it and repainting every surface? Also would be nice to have edges on this model too.

skp. file:
da roof.skp (8.7 MB)

The objects in the model have been scaled but the group and component definitions weren’t updated. What units did you use when importing the file?

Here’s an example. If you burrow in to the lowest level component of this post and right click on it you can see the options for Reset Scale and Scale Definition are available.

After Scaling the definition the material shows at the size its set to display.

If you want the grain to run in the correct direction you need to first edit the component and apply the material to the faces instead of one of the object “wrappers”.

This model is really a pain to work with. Do you really need all those detailed screws and nails? The geometry is also very strangely created. Personally, If I need a model of this in SketchUp I think it would be easier to use this as a rough guide to model it correctly from scratch. In your model as it is, none of the faces in an object are connected to the other faces which makes efficiently working with it impossible.

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I use the Solidworks importer and these are the only settings I can change:

This file has been created in Solidworks which could be why the geometry is weird. Going to turn off the fixings to help the model run better - I don’t need them -
And I unfortunately don’t know much about how Solidworks works. Would be nice if I could figure out how my collegue could “make components” out of the same thing (i.e the 4 posts)
Thanks for the Scale definition option I will learn how to navigate through this. Still yet to leavern about uv texture mapping etc.

In order to make the model behave I selected and delete all instances of the screws and nails in Outliner.

As for the scale issue maybe that was done in SolidWorks before you got the file. No matter, though, I still think you would be time and effort ahead to just recreate the model with SketchUp’s native tools and discard the imported stuff. If you need a demo of that I’ll make one when I get home from robotics. I have to see the team off to the Worlds event.

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I reworked your model entirely with native tools. Take a look at how the materials are applied to the faces inside the components.

da roof redux.skp (1.0 MB)

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Good Morning, Thanks Dave
It’s perfect.
How long did this take you?
The problem is, I don’t have the time to be redrawing the Solidworks files as there are many every day. I wish this is how it could be imported quickly! I see what you mean though. Could be interested in redrawing them if I had the time. Hope this makes sense! I will definitely use this though. Thank you so much.

Hi Ashlee,

I suppose it took me maybe 20 minutes. It was longer because I spent a bunch of time figuring out the dimensions of the parts in your original model. It would have gone much faster if I’d just had a regular dimensioned drawing to work from.

I get it about time. It’s a shame that the geometry from the Solidworks model is so poorly translated into SketchUp, though. Personally I would choose to recreate the model in SketchUp rather than invest time trying to work with the Solidworks model. I think at least in cases like this one there’d be less time involved and you’d end up with a much more efficient SketchUp model.

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