Importing a texture


Can you import a unique texture in sketchup? From say a picture?

Or would it be better to do it in layout?



You can import an image to use as a texture in SketchUp.If you want to have that texture on your model, you’d need to do it in SketchUp. In LayOut you’d be importing an image as an image or perhaps using it as pattern fill for something you’ve drawn with LayOut’s drawing tools.

I frequently import images for wood grain textures. My preferred method is to draw a rectangle the size I want the material to be and then use File>Import, choose the image, make sure it’s coming in as a material and apply it to the face from the lower left corner to an opposite side…

Another idea, use a photo editing app, crop the section wanted from your picture, save it as a .jpg. Then import into SketchUp as Dave suggested. I use an app called Affinity Photo. It is very capable and not expensive. Also, it is well supported. And there are others available.

Hi Guys,

Thanks you for your help.