Importing existing Material Library to sketchup 2022

Hi all,

Have a vast library of textures I use for another rendering platform I use.
I would like to transfer them over to Sketchup but the process looks very long winded for 100’s of textures.

I transferred folders with the texture files in to the materials folder, the folders are recognised in the materials tab in SketchUp but the texture files are not visible.

Is this the correct way of doing it, or is there another way?

SketchUp’s texture files are .skm files that include the texture image and a file with information about size and other properties. If you have .jpg or .png images, an extension like this one might be helpful.

Thanks, do you know if the files can be converted before i place them in the materials folder?

You should be able to have the images in a folder somewhere on your computer and run the extension. There should be nothing by .skm files in your SketchUp materials folders. You should also be using custom folders and not the OEM texture folders.

Thanks for your reply, thats a great plugin.

It will import all my textures but i still have to save them one by one, is there another way of doing this without having without it been so tedious?

After you import them into a model, use Save as a local collection to create a new collection of materials.
Screenshot - 3_22_2022 , 5_16_03 PM
If you want to create separate collections to sort your materials into categories, import them that way with the extension. For example, I separate my wood grain materials mainly by species.

Thanks very much for your help, it works perfect now.

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