Convert an image file to an skm file to import in SketchUp for Schools

Topic says it all. I need help with this. I used to use the free SketchUp 2017 desktop version to create new materials, but I can only use the SU for Schools browser version on my work computer. Any advice? Thank you for reading.

You should be able to import an image to use as a texture. It won’t be saved as a .skm file and you can’t generate a collection of materials in the same way you can in the desktop versions but you could create a SketchUp model file with a bunch of textures and save that to import into other SketchUp models so you can extract the textures you need for your models.

Thank you for the info. You’re right. I was trying to import/upload through the materials tab on the right, but I finally found the “Import >” option in the drop down in the upper left corner. Did exactly what you said.