Convert jpg to skm

Just installed SketchUp 2015. Today I found SketchUp Texture Club. Downloaded a file. How do I convert a jpg to skm? Maybe I missed something within the forum? Thanks In advance

Import the JPG file into SketchUp either through File>Import or through the Materials window. Then save the texture into a collection.

My preferred method is to draw a rectangle the size of the thing the texture represents. I typically make woodgrain textures and use images of full length boards so I draw the rectangle at the full length of the board. Then File>Import. Make sure Use as Texture is selected.

Click at the lower left corner and drag across to the opposite side.

The material will be applied to the rectangle and it’ll show up in the In Model materials collection. You can save the new texture in the Materials window by opening the secondary pane. (little button under the X in the upper right corner. Set the bottom one to the desired location and the top to In Model. Click and drag the thumbnail from the top to the bottom.

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