Problem with Import to SU


I’m trying to import a Jpeg file from my desktop to SU. The picture is showing on desktop and I can open it, when I try to import same it says the file is empty. Any suggestions!!!



Bring it in as a material instead.

In the default tray:
Materials > Edit > Texture > Use texture image


Thanks for the prompt reply. I,m a newbie, so I need more help to understand what exactly I should do to bring the photo first into SU from my desktop?
Thanks again.



Here’s a step by step:
Make a rectangle and pain it any color.
In the materials tab in your tray select "edit"
Under texture check “Use texture image”

You can then upload your image as a texture. After you bring it in you will most likely have to scale the texture.


Drawn the rectangle, selected Edit, Tried to Check the “Use Texture Image” wont allow me to check???



Did you paint the rectangle a color?

You have to have the color selected to edit it.


No, I,m trying to colour it now, that does,nt work either.



Upload the jpeg and ill give it a try
Ill give you a step by step in the SketchUp file.




Untitled.skp (443.4 KB)


While I was fiddling, I was able to get the picture into SU as you suggested. I see your file has arrived, so I will keep that in the learning file.

Thanks for all your help , it,s much appreciated.



Can you upload the file here so we can see what you’ve got?

Is it’s extension .jpeg or .jpg?


The file was a jpeg which was uploaded above , add_1011 has shown me what to do and I have been successful in this endeavour. What I’m hoping to do is to scale to photo to make a scale size drawing for the work shop to build this Rocker.

Any help in how to best do this would be appreciated.



Considering the photo, I wouldn’t bother trying to scale it too precisely. There isn’t anything to properly scale anyhow. You aren’t going to be able to trace that and get anything very useful. I’d just import it and stand it up in the background so I can look at it without looking away from SketchUp. I’d draw it using my calibrated good eye and some best guesses.


Is there a way to get a smooth line when drawing in freehand?