Converting SKM to SKP

I am not very familiar with Sketchup, however I do use alot of created Sketchup files in another design software.

Our main stone supplier updated all their textures for 2017. This is great, except the file format is now SKM instead of SKP, and my software does not support this format. Is there anyway to convert the SKM format to SKP? maybe even into 3DS?

Thanks for reading, hope you can help!

SKM is SketchUp materials file format. You can save those in a folder and use it as a materials library in SketchUp. SKM files are not SketchUp version specific.

If you want to use the images contained in the SKMs for other applications, you can rename the SKM file and then open it to extract the raster image. Or you can export the images from SketchUp if you’d rather do that.

To add to what @DaveR wrote, since you don’t know much about SketchUp, it sounds like in the past you were receiving model (.skp) files. That is, files that contain 3D objects. Now you are getting materials (.skm) files. It’s not clear why your supplier changed from one to the other, but they are not equivalent or convertible.

A SketchUp material is not a 3D object, it is like a variety of paint that can be applied to a 3D object. Without a model file containing things to paint, it is like the paint sitting in the can - ready for use, but not applied to anything.

I think I figured out what i need to do. I beleive before when I was uploading the models, my program was copying the textures in a custom library. I just have to attach the texture to a shape in sketchup, upload the model, and the program will then save the texture itself. not sure why the program wont allow me to upload my own textures, but will rip textures off objects I’ve submitted.

Thanks for the quick replies guys, your explanations helped me figure this out – I hope. Ill give it a try tomorrow and maybe update information about which software program i use and what i did to make it work for other peoples sake.

Thanks again!

They are. Up to version 8 you could use a text editor to create a SKM file, and, if I remember right, the texture maps were stored separately. These old SKM files no longer work.