Convert .skp to .skm

How does one convert an .skp swatch from Formica to an .skm file

.skm is a material file to be used in SketchUp. If you’ve imported an image into SU as a material, you should find it in the In Model materials. From there you can save it as a local collection (click on the Details menu) or open the secondary pane of the Materials window, set it to the desired collection and drag the material’s thumbnail from In Model to the secondary pane. If you share the .skp file that contains the swatch, I can show you how to do it with your file.


Once you’ve created your collection, you can add more materials to it at any time.

The process worked good. I just need to get files with patterns that repeat so the borders don’t show so much.

Yes. Seamless is good for Formica, anyway. Make sure the image is imported at the correct size. When I need to create a new texture, I draw a rectangle the size that a single tile of the texture should cover. Then i use File>Import to import the image and apply it to that rectangle. That results in the texture being made at the correct size from the beginning.