Saving Colours and Textures used in a Model

Hello everyone,

How can I export all or some of the used colours and textures in a Model (.skp file ), to get used in another Model file?

Thank you

This may help :slightly_smiling_face:



Thank you both very much. Will test it out.

That works great on Windows. Too bad it doesn’t work on the Mac.

Oops, I didn’t check his profile

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Please, can you put your post back with just a note ‘windows eyes only’. If it is not for me, but maybe for some one else their needs.

Thank you of course for your time.


Of course, for windows users:


On Windows you can also create a new collection of all of the In Model materials in one swell foop.
Screenshot - 12_15_2022 , 4_05_01 PM

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There is also a plugin to automate this task.
Textures Exporter → Textures Exporter | SketchUcation

It’s kind of overkill to install and use a plugin for something that can be done easily with native features, though.

Not wrong.
Moreover this extension extracts the textures of the materials, not the materials themselves.
Wrong information, sorry

Yeah. Extracting the images from the .skm files is diffeerent. Easily done natively for one material at a time. The plugin makes that easier if you want the texture images to use in another application, though.

Thank you all again about your comments; I did copy all the patterns and colours I need in separated folders.

Also I will extract some images from some materials to be used in other applications like documentation and presentations. So not wrong but used as an extension to what my goal will be.

However some questions;
about equal/flat colours, my guess is one dot should be enough, or should I make a 30x30 square? Is there an efficient size what SU and LO can handle?

About patterns, should I us a max width of 33pixels as I have seen in some of the default patterns?