Creating SKM file with mac

Hi, I am trying to make my workflow easier and decided to create .skm files for all my materials.
However I am not able to figure out how to export and .skm out of Sketchup. I created a texture, go into the material and if I right click it there is not “save as” option. I looked a bunch of YouTube Videos and that only seems to work with Windows. Anyone knows what I need to do?
MacOS Monterey
SU 2021pro

Set the Materials window to show In Model. Then below click on the List dropdown and choose Duplicate. That will generate a folder with the currently In Model materials as .skm files.

Alternatively you can select a single In Model material so it shows in the larger square to the left of the palette at the bottom of the Colors panel, change to the desired collection and drag the material up into the collection.

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Who thought it would be that simple!

Sorry. I forgot I should make things harder. :crazy_face:

Hope it got you on the right track.

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