Adding SKM Files In MacOS

If I drag a SKM file with Finder into the “My Textures” subdirectory of Materials Folder, a message indicating the file already exists. But, in a finder window the file is not shown. I tried the old trick of option-shift-period to show invisible files, but it is not there. In SU if I open “My Textures” folder, no files exist. If in SU, I open the Materials window and try to add the SKM file as a new texture, it is not shown as selectable in the finder window. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help.

In Finder:

In SU “New Texture”:

In what ‘materials’ folder are you dragging the .skm file?
Typically, there is no real folder structure available on Mac, the folders in the Materials folder are the ‘lists’ that appear inside SketchUp Color panel.
So each individual .skm file should be inside one of those ’list’-folders, otherwise, SketchUp doesn’t see them.

Upon startup of SketchUp, these lists get loaded in the memory.

Any alterations (file or finder actions) wouldn’t be seen until you quit SketchUp and then restart again (alas…)


~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/Materials

I find the whole “Materials” user interface to be very illogical (maybe just me). Simply dragging the SKM files directly in the “Materials” folder will not work. The files simply disappear (not shown) in the directory listing. My workaround was to create a folder (eg. Framing) on the desktop, then drag the SKM files into that folder while on the desktop. Lastly, drag that folder into the “Materials” folder. But the new directory will not appear in the SU Materials drop down list until you restart SU (as you point out).

This is one of those differences between Mac and Windows that is very frustrating for new users. The Windows user interface (for Materials) is much more logical (at least to me).

Your explanation gets at the root of the problem and provides insight into what is going on behind the curtain. My workaround is more along the lines of what can I do to simply solve this problem and get back to work. The ability to customize and organize the Materials library is one of the basic building blocks and as such should be simple to implement ( my 2 cents ). :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

And thanks for coming to my rescue, again …

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This works for me. Must be we are doing something different. I look in the “My textures” folder in the Materials folder and see various .skm files I put there (or saved within SketchUp). If I add one. there it stays. I have to restart SketchUp to see ones I’ve just added show up in the materials browser.

You will notice that if you pull down your materials menu in the material browser there are no materials to be seen–there are only sub-folders. Therefore no material can sit naked in the main materials folder. it has to be in a sub-folder. So it works OK if you drag in a new folder to the Materials folder, or add to an existing sub-folder. (You can’t change the default materials that ship with SketchUp–in fact you can’t see them in the Materials folder. That’s only for your personal folders of materials.)

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What version of MacOS are you on? I experience the same behavior if I drag the SKM file into “My Textures”, message saying file already exists. But in Finder the files are not displayed.

As in my Profile, I’m using Mojave.

Finally found the problem (I think). If I use from the keyboard CMD-C/CMD-V, the problem occurs. If I instead use CMD-C/RtClk-Paste, the SKM is copied successfully into the “My Textures” folder. Not sure what is going on, but at least I know what to avoid. :grinning:

Did you mean cmd not ctrl?

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Yes, thanks for the clarification. Corrected the original post. :hot_face: