How to upload a texture collection with materials

Hi all - Trying to figure out how to make the SketchUp work flow easier in my office. I want to be able to upload a texture collection that automatically loads all of the textures (.jpgs) into a model. I know there is the arrow button under Materials that you can select “Open or create a collection…” which allows you to “Select Folder” and it loads it in as a collection or a texture category. Then you can drag and drop the textures in your model under the category to organize. What I’m trying to do is select a folder and have it automatically load all the textures at once so I don’t have to drag and drop one by one. Any directions? Thanks!!

I don’t understand why you would want to bloat your model file with textures, especially if they aren’t currently being used. I don’t understand how that would make your work flow any easier, either. If you really need them to be In Model, just add them to the In Model collection in an otherwise empty file and save the file as your template.

A ‘texture collection’ of jpgs is not the same as a SketchUp collection. Image files need to be converted in to .SKM files.
This is done by importing an image into a SketchUp model, name the texture and save it (it will be saved as .SKM)
This process could be automated if you have lots of jpgs to convert.

Users should not have to do this over and over again, they could just ‘open a collection’ of previously created collections

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A quick and dirty way I sometimes use is to insert a component with all the Materials and Tags, but as said, this would bloat the file unnecessary if you do not purge regularly.