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Does anyone have experience downloading textures from Sketchup Texture Club?
I’ve downloaded a texture I’d like to use in a model and extracted it, but cannot get Sketchup to recognize their file as a texture when opening a texture collection. I followed their instructions but other than that there is no available support.

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I use their textures all the time. Can you describe what you do to import the textures?

I followed these instructions: Sketchuptexture - How it works
Basically it requires the download of a .RAR reader, then once I pick a texture I extract it into a folder. It extracts a .jpeg image. Then in Sketchup, I go to Open or Create a collection (where I extracted the .jpeg image file) but nothing shows up.

  1. Create your material by clicking the Create Material button in the materials tab of the default tray
  2. In the “Texture” section click the little folder button, Browse for Material Image File
  3. Name your material, and click “OK”

Your material is ready to use!

To save it so it can be accessed straight from the Materials Tab:

  1. Adjust the image as you like, right-click the material in the default tray and select “Save As” then put it in a folder you’d like to store your personal materials in (note the file type is set to .skm)
  2. Now click the “Details” button in the Materials tab of the Default Tray, select “Open or create a collection…” then select the folder you created for your custom textures, and voila!!

Click the drop-down menu in the Materials Tab of the Default Tray select the folder you put the textures in and they are ready to use.

Almost everything I’ve downloaded from there hasn’t required the use of any software to extract because its in a zip format not a rar. Right clicking the zip file and selecting “extract all” usually works for me. I also just cut/paste the files from the zip to where i want them. A rar doesn’t let you enter it without some software as far as I know.

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Thank you, that is very helpful!
I was able to create some new materials within the model and apply them. I was also able to create the new custom materials folder with the new downloaded texture files in it. The only issue is when I select the Select tab and navigate to the new materials folder and select it nothing shows up.

The folder will appear empty because SKU is looking for a folder, not files, and doesn’t display anything.
Mine looks empty too, but when I select it, there they are in the materials section.

Just remember to click the dropdown menu and select the collection you just made!
bandicam 2021-06-14 21-29-09-525

bandicam 2021-06-14 21-29-18-973

bandicam 2021-06-14 21-29-23-009

Still not working. The new textures show up in the Model Tray, but not the Materials Tray. I don’t know if you can see the two pics below or not. I was not sure how to attach a file to this post.


Hmm… If you did what I did in the video, I don’t know why it wouldn’t be working :thinking:

Perhaps the image file is still zipped and SKU can’t find it?

@DaveR, you got any ideas?

Exactly how did you create the folder with the downloaded texture files in it? Did you just copy the files you downloaded and paste them into your custom materials folder? If so, that’s not the right way to create textures for SketchUp.

Start over and follow these steps exactly. Don’t modify the steps at all.

  1. In File Explorer navigate to the “Stone<1>” folder. Where did you put that folder, by the way?)
  2. Delete all of the contents or move them out of the folder and put them on your desktop or in the Downloads folder.
  3. Close File Explorer.
    4.Assuming you still have that SketchUp file with the stone textures in it and you have the "Stone<1> collection shown in the secondary pane of the materials panel, drag the thumbnails one at a time from In Model to Stone<1>. If you don’t still have them In Model, add them to a model file and then drag them.

That’s it. You now have a collection of SketchUp materials to use in your models.

If you want to make new collections of materials in the future, import the images as textures into a blank SU file. Go to the In Model materials, open the Details menu to the right of the drop down list. Choose Save collection as… Give it an appropriate name. Done. You can always add to it later if needed by dragging and dropping as above.

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That worked!
I did not realize that Sketchup has to turn an image (jpeg) into a material (skm) within Sketchup before it can be stored in a material library.

Thank you both LinearGraphs and DaveR for sheparding me through this process.

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The .skm file contains the image (jpg or png) and the information SketchUp requires to display it properly such as the length and width in model units.

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