Import custom library of images to turn into textures

Im looking for some advice regarding importing custom library of textures.

Ive built up quite a collection of custom textures for my sketchup application.
I have managed to link a folder with subfolders into my sketchup application.

But any images I place in the folders don’t show up. they are JPEG files.
They only show up once I import the texture into the model and save it as a material individually

So I’m wondering is there away instead of importing images (JPEG) individually can this be done for every image in every file at once?

Texture files in SketchUp aren’t simply raster images. The texture file has the extension .skm and it contains the raster image along with a file that provides information to SketchUp about how to display it such as the dimensions.

There was an old Mass Material Importer plugin but it hasn’t been supported in years. I tried to find it but was unsuccessful. Another option would be to use TIG’s Import All from Folder to import the images into SketchUp. You could then explode them to make them textures.

If you do use something like that you will also need to edit each texture to make sure it displays at the right size. Depending on what your textures are of, you may find it makes sense to do this in small batches. I create a lot of wood grain textures and sort them by species. I prefer to use File>Import to bring the images in one at a time and apply them to rectangles that are drawn to the correct size. A little slower bringing them in but I don’t have to go through them to edit the dimensions afterward so probably no slower in the long run.