Embeding textures

Hello all, and a pre-thank you.

I have an image I create. I created a new material, clicked on ‘use texture image’ and then picked my file. I then applied my new material onto a box. When I am working on my computer the image shows up on my box. When I save my sketchup file, and try to open it on another computer, I do not have my image on my box. How do I embed my custom material image into my sketchup file so I can have access to it on another computer?

Thank you

If you are importing the texture and applying it to a face or faces in the model, the texture file will be included as part of the file. Can you share a SketchUp file that you’ve added your texture image to? Upload the texture image, too. Maybe there’s something odd about that file.

testbox.skp (487.8 KB)

So it doesn’t look like this when you open the file?