Material Size

i am not able to increase the size of materials i am using. please help me! the material size is too small. i want to enlarge it. how to do it?

I presume you are using SketchUp Free (web) and not SketchUp Make as your profile indicates.

Before you think about resizing the texture, check to see how large the building is. I’d bet my lunch money you’ve drawn it way larger than it should be. If you can’t figure it out, share the .skp file with us.


How bog is that wall? I am thinking it may be 1000’ long or something?


okay i will

Download the file to your computer and share it, not the link to the viewer.

download it in which format? skp, png, or STL?

SKP. That’s the SketchUp format.

devyani.skp (96.6 KB)
see if it opens

It’s exactly as @TheOnlyAaron and I guessed. You’ve modeled the house very large. It’s more than a mile long.

Draw the house using realistic real world dimensions. Then the brick texture will be the right size.

Also, please correct your forum profile. Currently it is incorrect and misleading. The tools you have available to you in SketchUp Free are different than in Make. For us to be able to give you appropriate assistance the correct SketchUp version in your profile is important.

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okay. i am trying to give measurement on that little box right bottom corner. but I am not able to do it. i mean, when I am typing 5’6"x5’ and then enter, so it should form in that size, right? but its not working

Pay attention to the way the dimensions are displayed in the measurements box and use the same format. The separator will not be x. It will be a comma or semi colon depending on your locality. Also, do not click in the Measurements window. There’s never any reason to click in that box.

okay, i will keep this in mind. Thank you @DaveR & @TheOnlyAaron

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You’re welcome. Again, please fix your profile.

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@DaveR please tell me which format of std measurements I should use?

What units are commonly used for construction where you live?

foot and inches

Then select the 1/2 and choose the precision. Probably 1/16". Also turn off Length Snapping.

How will you use the model once it is completed?

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devyani (1).skp (221.4 KB)
I just completed it, have a look. I don’t know about using the model in any way. I am just an amateur now at this point. i still have a lot to learn and i am looking forward to it. :slight_smile:

That’s much better. You have a nice little upscale shed. The door might be a little tall; at least taller than standard. And ol’ St. Nick might just squeeze down your chimney. :slight_smile:

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Sure, will do that. Thank you for paying attention to little details.

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