Help Needed_One year experience with SketchUp

I appreciate any help that you may provide.

Here is a video of myself taking the steps to size an image of bricks I placed on the face using Texture > Position. Runs smoothly as I have always done.

But, as I go to repeat the steps in a file with all components off. Done so due to size of the file and maintaining some speed (144 MB file), I’m UNABLE to see any lines I have drawn making it impossible to line up/resize the image.

I have confirmed at Preferences > Drawing > Continue Line Drawing is checked and all layers/components have been turned off.

Why is this happening? How do I fix it?

*The video was too large so I posted it on YouTube

Looks like you have both Edges and Profiles turned off in the style in the second example. Probably just need to correct the style.

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what the setup is.

The file was too large to upload. I have it in my google drive, here is the link:

Where in the model are you trying to work with the brick texture?

BTW, I note some incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 4_29_2023 , 8_48_01 PM

… and it wouldn’t hurt to purge unused stuff from the model once in awhile.
Screenshot - 4_29_2023 , 8_48_26 PM

There were also 20 excessively large textures in the model. Some of them appear to be duplicates. After doing that clean up the file size was reduced by more than 56%.

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56% reduction would be great!

Do you have time to explain to me with a little more detail how you accomplished it?

I am wanting to add an exterior brick wainscot.

When you download models from the 3D warehouse they will be kept in your model even if you deleted them, to get rid of them go to Window, model info, statistics, there purge your model every once in while.
Also download a plugin called Material resizer to check if you have materials that are too big, they can make your file unnecessarily heavy and could cause lag on your screen.