File is way too large

My file is at 333mb, even after using the cleanup3 plugin. I’ve purged unused from the model. The file is too heavy to render. Weird thing is that the model is lag-free.

I’m tempted to separate the different floors and put them into another model file, but that would just completely ruin the scene and take forever to do. I’ve tried copying and pasting into a new model, but it wouldn’t copy.

It might be a problem with duplicate faces, as the cleanup3 plugin took me 17 hours to remove all duplicate faces.

Is there anything I can do in this situation other than die inside?

First guess is that you’ve downloaded a bunch of heavy components from the 3D Warehouse. You might use the Statistics Probe extension from Sketchucation to help you identify the huge ones. Go through them and strip out what isn’t absolutely needed. It’s not unusual for components that come from the 3D Warehouse to have excessive detail when used as entourage. Also look at the various textures in the model. Do you have any that are extremely large image files? Real high res textures are probably not needed in your model, reducing their size came help your model out.