Materials not showing URGENT

so im doing a school project and i need to make a house model, but when i try to color the walls or faces i think its called with like for example brick material it just shows one solid color and i urgently need to fix this as my project is due tonight
// im using sketchup for schools

Typically when users describe this sort of issue it turned out they’ve modeled their building at some huge astronomical size. If you zoom in close do you see the brick texture? If so, you need to correct the dimensions of the house. You can do that with the Scale tool or the Tape Measure tool. Might be easiest if you share the .skp file with us so we can see exactly what you’ve got going on. Download the file to your computer and then upload it here.

yea when i zoom in i can see it , it says that the file is too big and i cant share it here

Upload it to DropBox or Google Drive and share the link with us. MAke sure it’s not locked so we can download it.

You should have been modeling with normal real-world dimensions.
does this work?
i added like stuff from the 3d warehouse if thats what u mean, you can delete stuff if its needed

The link appears to work.

The stuff from the 3D Warehouse makes the file size large but that’s not what I’m referring to with real world dimensions.

Give me a few minutes to look at your file.

You’ve created the house model so it’s over three hundred and fidty FEET tall. That’s crazy large.

I have no idea how tall your house should be. I just guessed. It’s closer to reality. You’ll have to find a new door component for the front, though.

house (1).skp (4.2 MB)

ohh okay thank you, how do i fix its height?

Use the Scale tool.

i scaled it smaller but the brick material stayed the same way

Do you mean the wood grain material?

Here I’ve enlarged the wood grain material.
house (1).skp (4.3 MB)

This material size thing is a result of having not created the model correctly in the firs place.

its good now, thank you for your help!!

You’re welcome. For your next model avoid this by making the model the correct size to begin with.

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