Materials won't load

So I’m trying to finish a project in SketchUp and I’ve been trying to apply a material to it like cinder blocks (I’ve tried others) but every time it just colors it and doesn’t load the material/texture and I’m just using default SketchUp textures here’s an example:

Two possibilities. You have a selected a style that shows faces as shaded but without texture or Your model is so huge that the texture doesn’t show at that distance. Zoom in close to the wall and see if you can see the texture then. If not, try a different style.

How tall are the doors in your model if you measure them with the Tape Measure tool?

sure I’ll zoom in and I’ve tried different materials

As usual, if you can share your model file here rather than an image, we can give you a more definite diagnosis.

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I zoomed in and no texture also my doors are like 9,870 something feet but I’ve had bigger models and haven’t had this issue

You’ve made your model physically huge. Remove all the materials and scale it down to life size. Then repaint.

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The complexity size of the model doesn’t matter. What matters is the size of the texture material compared to the size of the surface you are applying it to. If the material is too small or too large compared to the surface, it won’t display correctly.

Edit: that’s consistent with what Dave told you while I was typing

Edit 2: if your locale uses comma as the decimal point, 9,700 might not actually be all that huge!

The surface you have the cursor over is more than 9526 square miles! It’s no wonder the normally sized cinder blocks don’t show.

The Measurements window shows the area of the wall face as 265,594,183,459.89 Square Feet. I think it’s plenty big.

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Yikes! I didn’t zoom the image big enough to see that!

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so i just scaled it down and now my doors are abt 7 foot and I still have the same problem but things like glass will work

I told you to remove the materials before you scale the model down. When you scaled the painted model you scaled the texture, too.

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I did i removed the glass and made everything white and then scaled it I just put back the textures

Share the file. I’ll fix it for you.

uh ok what’s your e-mail so I can share it through drive?

Just upload it here. Download the file to your computer and then drag and drop the .skp file into a post in this thread.

dallas museum of modern art .skp (296.4 KB)

In the interest of time and because I’m busy, I fixed your model. I removed all the textures so you’ll have to put some of them back but I did add the cinder block texture back on that wall. In the future model at real life size from the beginning and you’ll avoid this problem.
dallas museum of modern art .skp (192.7 KB)

ok thanks