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I’m testing sketchup web for free and I’m trying to build very simple combinations of cylinders and quaders. When I fill the objects with a material nothing happens, that means I don’t see any texture. I’m using the Default Style. Also if I export as png the objects in the picture don’t have any texture. How can I make sketchup the rendering process?

Here are a lot of entries about rendering, but I didn’t found a helpful comment. Also I tried to get a hint in the tutorial without success.

When you use the paint I let tool, are you applying to a single face, or are the surfaces you are trying to paint snide groups/components?

If you can share the file you are working on it will be a quicker solution, too!

Thank you, Aaron, for the quick answer! I just tried to apply a material/texture on a single side as also to the whole body. I both case there is no success.
How can I make you have access to the skp file? It is 36 MB large. But it is anyway on the server. So in principle you should have access to the file if I release it. But how? The file is in my “Peter Addor” account and is named “Test_Saeule_Adjustment.skp”

That sounds pretty excessive. You might try purging unused stuff from the model. Then download it to your computer and share it via Drop Box.

It is still 18 MB. Are you able to open this link?

The problem with your textures not showing is due to the huge size you’ve modeled this at. The top rail is over 137 Meters long.

If you zoom in, you can see the textures are there.

What is this thing and how long should it really be?

:grin: :joy: Yes, I recognized the size of my objects but I’m not interesting in it as I can zoom in and out such that it has the right size in the view.

But now I know that it does matter if it has an unrealistic size. Thank you very much for your help and patient.

The materials have sizes that should be close to their real world size. You should be modeling using real world dimensions, too.

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Yes, I will! Have a nice evening!

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Alternately, if you are working with materials added via Import > 2D > As Material, you can stretch the material to scale by eye during application, in which case the material will render logically going forward even whether you are working at 100x or 1x. Just make sure none of your painted faces are still outside of a group before you scale them back down, otherwise the material will not scale down with the face.

Screen Shot 2020-12-19 at 9.40.28

Great! Thank you so much, Brian!

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