No materials files in Sketchup Make 2016


I’ve been using Make to produce prototypes since 2016, but have only needed the untextured, uncolored STL results. However, recently I started working on a model to be 3D printed and selected a material for the exterior walls. The sample in the editor looked fine, but when I applied the material with the paint tool all that was shown was the color - no texture.

The editor gives a name for a texture image file, for which I searched through my system’s files. It doesn’t exist. I then went into the program’s files, found the materials folder in which there were all the subfolders listed in the editor. I opened several of these folders, including the one from which I selected my material. ALL the folders I opened were empty - there were no files.

Is there anyway I can download all the naterials together for Sketchup?



What is the file path you are trying to follow? Are You looking in Program Files?


Sketchup Make is not Sketchup Free, Sketchup Free is the Name of the Web based version of the software, which is why I move this out of the Sketchup Free subcategory. Please don’t move it back again.


It sounds to me like you have the Face Style set to Shaded, not Shaded with Textures. Try Shaded with Textures.

Another common reason for this sort of thing is that the model is at a much larger scale than is appropriate to the texture. Zoom in very close to the model. Can you see the texture then? If so, you need to resize the model so it is correctly scaled.


“C:/programs/sketchup/sketchup make 2016/materials” and then the subfolders

  1. Face style is set to shaded with textures.
  2. How can a model that is 200mm X 100mm X 20mm be too large?


You didn’t provide any of that information in your original post. I gave you two common reasons why textures appear to be just colors. Upload the SKP file so we can look at it and we won’t have to guess.


So, if you are moving this topic, where are you moving it to?


I just moved it to the Sketchup main forum.
But as Dave said, without the model we are only guessing.


Why be rude?

How can a texture be shown if there are no texture image files?


I’m not being rude. You aren’t giving us anything useful to work with but expecting a concrete answer.

I’ll leave it to others, then.


What is not useful. There are no texture image files of the file types provided for in the materials editor (i.e. such as .jpg). My question was how can I download these files and where? I asked for nothing else.


It would help if you could show us a screenshot like this showing an empty folder at the correct address.
Your path only says ‘Programs’
This is mine in ‘Program Data’ for 2017

Be aware that you are looking for .skm files which are basically a zip file containing all the data and images for the material.
It would also be useful to know what ‘Material’ you used and at what scale it was set. This can be relevant to how it shows on your model. As @DaveR was trying to get to, if the ‘Texture’ is set either too big or too small for the face that it is being put on it will appear as just a colour.
For example this block is made to your dimensions, if I edit the texture the whole block becomes black.
Seeing your model would have allowed us to quickly rule out that option and move on to working out why your materials were missing.


The size I gave is actually only appriximate. The location shoukd hace read “C:/program files/…” The skm files are there. Until I did some googling I didb’t realize the image files (.jpg) were embedded in the skm files. I’ve been posting using my phone and didn’t have access to the skp. I’ll try to upload the skp over the weekend or early next week. Thanks.


So as you can see, @DaveR wasn’t being rude he was trying to quickly get the relevant information from you to be able to diagnose your problem.
We often don’t have the time to post long flowery perfectly worded (so as not to offend anyone) posts and just write things we know will help either fix the problem or give us better information so we can solve the problem.
Try to keep that in mind when asking questions in future, the more info you give the more chance you have of getting a full and correct answer.
We also try to keep in mind the need to be tactful, but sometimes it just isn’t possible to fully explain the reasoning behind a post, like you we are often using our phones to reply and having recently broken my glasses that can be troublesome as typing becomes difficult.


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