Sketchup Free Material Import

Does anyone know how to create or import custom materials in the 2018 Sketchup Free Online. I have searched everywhere for this button and have not had any luck finding it.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

At this point you would need to import a SKP file that contains your custom materials and then select them from the In Model materials to apply them to your model.

Okay, unfortunately that is what I was thinking was the only way. I just got a new computer, so I will have to download sketchup 2017 -> Create the custom material -> Upload it to 3D Warehouse -> Download it into my 2018 model.

Seems like a huge workaround.


I expect at some point they will surely include the option to create custom materials in SketchUp Free but at this stage it isn’t implemented yet.

I guess if I were wanting to apply custom materials to my model, I would export it to the 3D Warehouse, open it in SU2017 and add the materials there. If I still wanted to work on it in SketchUp Free, I would upload it back to the Warehouse from SU2017.

there is no need for the Warehouse trip…

use insert from a local file…


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How do I import from Local files in Sketchup 2018? Right now my only option is to import components from the 3D warehouse. I was going to make a new component with the texture to get it in that way.

I don’t see the File option in the online version of Sketchup 2018 Free

One way: Click on the “hamburger menu” in the upper left corner of the screen. Then Add Model and click on the Browse button or drag and drop the SKP file. Then open it.

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Awesome! Thank you

There is no SketchUp 2018 Free

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Umm well yes there is. It is the first version of Sketchup Free.
Perhaps you mean the is no 2018 Make.

I think our green cyclops refers to the question is the new online-only product formally named “SketchUp 2018 Free” or simply “SketchUp Free”? I agree with Mike, I think it’s the latter, with the intent to offer new versions on a high-frequency basis (which has already been done) where a year-based nomenclature would be inadequate.

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I was meaning the ‘Insert’ menu item…



Correct. You can see (if you thru hamburger menu, then “About” page, “Changelog” tab,) …
that the major versions are date based, without number. This also does not list every build, which could occur daily and may be published several times per week.

… looking at the Changelog one can see that the first major version was released in 2016.
And that there were 6 releases in 2017.

It is obvious that the “branding” has changed. In Beta it was “”, from it have come two products: “SketchUp for Schools” and “SketchUp Free”.

The product page does not mention a year in relation to SketchUp Free …

… whereas SketchUp Pro’s product page always mentions the year (in both images and requirements) …

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I’m thinking about this “idea” and wondering if it will really be true.

Is it a Pro only feature (despite what hobbyists desire) ?

Could custom materials be considered a “pay” feature ?
An annual fee for an online custom material collection ?
A “pay per paint” pay scheme (to add each material to an online collection) ?

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