Su web materials and rendering

I have started to use the free web version and making basic tutorials for it for some friends who have never used sketchup. I am used to the pro version since i have been using that for the past 3 years exclusively.

Here are my two questions. In the free version, can you esit or make your own materials? Ie, i find a wood texture i like on google, and want to use it.

Second, what open source or free apps can open a skp file to render it?

Thank you all very much:)

In the free web version you can import your own bitmaps to be used as textures. The more advanced editing of an existing material needs the Shop version.

For free renderer options, look through some of these topics:

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Thanks mate. Ill start messing with some textures i find nd online.

Tha ks for the forum post.

It seems alot of free non plugin render engines use files that the web version doesnt export to.

Since i am limited to an stl, or skp file, it limits my options. However, kerkethia is open source, but i know nothing of its abilities to import skp files…

Ill do some more research. Thanks

How do i import my bitmaps i have to use as materials on the free version? thaks

You can drag the image file from your desktop straight onto the SketchUp scene in the web browser window, and when asked choose to use it as a Material.

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