Custom colour or materials in SketchUp free?


Hi All,

I’m using the free SketchUp web browser app and I would really like to use some of my own colours and materials/texures rather than the (very limited) ones there is to choose from.

I can’t see any easy way to do this - can anybody shed any light?



You could import a SketchUp component that includes those colors and materials so they’d be in the In Model collection. Then you can use them on other parts of your model. If you don’t need the imported component, delete it when you are finished.


Ah I see - so I can upload a solid colour/texture to 3D warehouse and use them that way?

Is there an easier way to search for things on 3D warehouse on the web browser?


Yes, if the color/texture is applied to faces in a component you’ve uploaded.

Easier than what? It should be easy enough to search in the Components window. If you are going to upload existing components to the 3D Warehouse, give them special names that make them easy to find.


I just tried to upload a colour as a jpeg but 3D warehouse only accepts SKP files…


I do not have SketchUp pro downloaded on my computer, therefore I am ONLY using SketchUp free version on my web browser.

Even if I make a new model on the SketchUp browser, I can’t figure out how to put a new colour or texture on there, so I can’t ‘put it on a model and upload it’.

If it is not possible to add custom colours or textures onto the free SketchUp web browser, without the aid of the actual SketchUp program, then it would be good to know!


Well, at this point you can’t make new custom materials or colors. If you can find something that has what you want on it in the warehouse you can download that component/model. Otherwise you’ll need to use what is provided. For hobby use, you should be able to manage that way.

You can download images to put on your model but you can’t save them for later use without saving a component to the 3D Warehouse and importing it later.

Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2018 Pro. If you aren’t, your profile is misleading.


Ah yes - I was using the Sketch Up Pro 2018 but the 30 day free trial ran out, and unfortunately I can’t afford to buy it, hence why I’m using the free version now. I’ll change my profile.

However, the insert tool is perfect - it works and is exactly what I needed. Thank you!!


Or save them in a Trimble connect folder


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