Versions of sketchup - editing texture

Hi guys,

I’m a free web based user, playing around with my own home. I want to edit texture colors of materials (cladding, tiles ect)

It seems I can’t do this in the free version. So my questions are simple:

1 - Is it possilbe to do edit a material / texture color with a clour wheel in the web based free version?

2 - If not, does sketchup shop (assiming I upgrade) allow me to edit a material / texture color with a clour wheel, or do I need sketchup pro (quite an expense for someone like me who just wants to play around)

Thanks in advance!


No. Editing materials is not a feature available in the free web version.

Yes. You can edit materials in SketchUp Shop. Not with a “clour wheel” ( I assume you mean color or colour wheel) but there is an option for editing the color.

OK thanks so much for your prompt reply DaveR. Can I also asssume that I get a few more options in the 3D warehourse for things like exterior cladding materials?

And yes, I meant colour wheel, but the colour mix you have shown is the same thing. Thanks again

You won’t get more options in the 3D Warehouse because you are using Shop but you will have the ability to edit materials you’d get from the Warehouse or from other sources.

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