Can't edit material color

I’m using SketchUp Shop on the web and I am having trouble changing the color of materials. I can get to the edit functions, but when i try to pick a new color to replace the existing one it reverts back to the original. Any suggestions?

Can you share an example .skp file that shows what you are seeing?

I don’t think I can because there is nothing to show don’t think I can because there is nothing to show. When I pick a new color in the edit window, it briefly shows the new color and then reverts back to the original and exits the edit function.

This is what I see in SU Shop.

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Thanks. That was helpful. I logged off the website, logged back on, and it works just fine. Go figure.

I saw this thread and I’m hoping to get some help. I’m using the web version of sketchup, and no matter what I try, I can not get the material editor to work. I’m very new to sketchup and when I was using the trial version I was able to edit colors and materials using color wheels and other tools. But now I can’t do any of that. Its like the color and material editor have been locked out. I have access to a limited number of preloaded colors and materials, but no way adjust them. Am I just missing something. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


That would seem to imply that after the trial period ended, you started using SketchUp Free instead of SketchUp Shop. You would need SketchUp Shop to be able to edit materials. SketchUp Free doesn’t offer that feature.

Thank you for the help. I’m launching sketch up from my Trimble account subscription page. There is an option to launch either the free version or my subscription. Either one I try gives me the same problem with not being able to edit colors/materials. I have also double checked to make sure the subscription is assigned properly. I don’t know whats going on.