Not able to customize material


I just purchased a subscription to sketchup “shop”.
Apparently this is new product, based on sketchup web but has additional features.
Supposedly this version allows you to edit materials.
This is documented here:
Yet when I try to edit a material, the “edit material” panel asks me if I want to upgrade.
What am I missing?
I am using firefox 60.0.2 64 bit on windows 10.


Is it possible you aren’t signed in to your SketchUp Shop account? It sounds like you are running SketchUp Free.


Good question - it led me to the solution.
I was indeed logged into sketchup shop.
I needed to use the account management to “assign” a user to the product.


I am having the same issue with being able to edit materials. I went to my account management as you suggested and didn’t see anything about ‘assign’ ing a use…
any help would be appreciated.