Can not edit materials in sketchup shop

I purchased the sketchup shop annual plan, but when I try to edit materials, the edit opton is locked out. I was told I may have been launching the sketchup free version, but when I went to Trimble connect and launched from my paid subscription page it is still locked. I double checked to make sure my subscription was assigned to me and everything looks fine. Has anyone run into this issue with things being locked out of their plan? Or am I missing something when trying to edit materials? Any help would be great. Thanks

First question wold be to verify what version you are in. Is there a SketchUp watermark (logo) in the upper right corner of your SketchUp window?

Just to verify, I should be looking in the upper right corner of the sketchup screen where I am working on a model? If so, there is no watermark or logo.

Are you trying to edit an In Model material? You cannot edit materials that are not in the model.

Not in model. Editing not available.

In model. Editing available.
Screenshot - 9_8_2020 , 10_30_02 AM

Great! Now. Bring up the Paint Bucket tool. In the Materials fly out on the right, pick a color, then click the edit icon to the right of the color swatch (square with the pencil in it). What happens?

I am so new to this. I’m not sure what you mean by “in model material”. Sorry for my lack of knowledge here. I’ll try to explain what I’m doing. I make an object, lets say a cube, make it into a group, hit “B” for paint bucket, some options come up on the left, I pick a color and add it to the object, the selected color shows up on the left as a material in the project. Then the problem comes in, the edit button right next to the color is greyed out. It doesn’t mater if it’s a color, or texture like wood, stone, etc.

Look closely at my screen shots. Pay attention to where the blue bar is under the house icon. That shows the In Model materials. In order to edit the material you need to switch to In Model and select the material to be edited.

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DaveR!!! Thank you!!! I had that blue line under the house and the material was showing. I think that’s what confused me, I didn’t actually select the material that was being used. Thank you so much for helping newbies like me with what I’m sure to you are silly questions. Its a huge help.

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