How can you give a color/texture on Sketchup Free?

I use Sketchup Free and I wanted to add some material on my building, but I can’t see a option where you can give the material another color or give it texture. I don’t know if that even exist in Sketchup Free, but that’s why I ask it here. Can someone help me?



Something like this…

No, with Sketchup Make you can pick for example wood and then you can click on a specific wood and then on ‘creaty material’, where you can give that specific wood a different color, for example you choose some wood and than you can make that wood darker. That’s what I mean.

Currently that feature isn’t available in SketchUp Free. You can import a SketchUp file that already contains the material and then apply it to your model. Or you can work on your SketchUp model in the desktop client version of SketchUp to add a custom material.

Okay, thank you for your help!
Hope that the feature will come in the future!

+1 for hoping this will come in the future. Had the exact same requirement and found your question. Alternatively it would be great to be able to add color and texture (both) and set opacity.

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