How to use material downloaded from 3dwarehouse

I downloaded materials from 3d warehouse as skm files. But I can’t use it. Couldn’t open or import to my SKetchup. Please explane How i can import to my Sketchup so I can use it in modeling.

With the free web version, download the model/component with the material you want directly into the model you’re working on. Then the materials will be included with In Model materials and you can use it.

Note that if you do as @DaveR suggested you should first check carefully that the warehouse component is not excessively bloated or otherwise bad. You can easily exceed the capacity of the free web version if you load a model with over-detailed components and huge material textures. There are also some components there with defects that will make your model seem to vanish!

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Thanks for Replay Dave. You can search materials in 3d warehouse. and download to your pc. I wanted use that file. Couldn’t find any material regarding it. it looks imposible to use it. You can use it through 3d wares inside sketchup but it does not stay. you have to download it again if you need it in other project.

Yes. I know that. And you can add .skm files to a local materials collection to use in SketchUp Pro. But SketchUp for Web doesn’t have that option so the alternative is to do what I described.

No, it doesn’t but you could create your own component with the material aplied to save with your other files. Then instead of searching the 3D Warehouse you can import the component into your current project from your trimble connect storage. For hobbyist use such as yours that’s probably the best option.