Using Items Downloaded from 3D Warehouse

I’ve read the KB article and discovered nothing that answers my questions. I might have missed it, though.

I have downloaded components of objects that I want to incorporate into my drawings. So far, I have only downloaded them into my drawing itself. Suppose I wanted to download it for use with multiple drawings without having to go the the warehouse each time in order to save workload on the warehouse or just to save my time. What options should I choose to download the component and store it locally? Is there a repository within SketchUp to facilitate such storage or should I just save the file?

I’ve also found that the warehouse contains various assortments and collections of materials that complement those native to SketchUp. Is it possible to download them and add them to the native list that displays within the Default Tray? If so, how do I do so? If not, I infer that I should save the file but how do I invoke its contents to place one of its components in my drawings?

If there is a KBA or wiki or help page, just point me to it instead of wasting your time on me.


This article at the SketchUp Sage site may help.

How do I make Material and Component Collections? — SketchUp Sage Site

Breaking proper protocol here, but I thought it might help if I ask the question a little differently.

I have downloaded a file from the 3D Warehouse. The file is named ‘Tile+Material+Bonus+Pack.skp’. It is a file of tile designs. I would like to add them to my Materials panel in the Default Tray. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it?

In the OP I might have muddied the water a bit. I followed Geo’s link and read the tip on this process; but, if I understand it (probably not) is says that I must Import the file to SketchUp and convert it to a .skm file. I can find no instructions for doing this. Searching on .skm files turns up posts about not being able to use them. I do not have a .skm file but a .skp file that has different tile patterns in it that I want to add to Materials.

Does that clarify the question?



I still have not found an answer to my question:

Is it possible to add material collections (to the group under ‘Materials’ in the Default Tray)? I believe the answer is ‘yes’ based on what I’ve read about how earlier versions work. If it is possible, how is it done?

I’ve read conflicting information. In one place I read that a file had to imported into SketchUp (Make, 2016) an converted to an SKM file type. In other places I’ve read that the SKM file type doesn’t work.

I’ve searched without finding a list of file types used by SketchUp. Compilations on the wider web do not show an SKM file type.

Can anyone tell me what file types are used by SketchUp and the purpose of each? Also, can anyone tell me where the files are stored that SketchUp uses for materials collections? I’ve read that it is not possible to add to the native collections, and that is not my intent; but I would like to know where things are stored so that I don’t step on anything accidentally.