Warehouse problem

always loved the warehouse things just flying in and snap into place…

just dowloaded the 2020 version and now the warehouse takes things to the component - how did i gwet them into my model please x

Are you opening the warehouse through SketchUp or looking at it in a separate web browser window?

If you open the warehouse by choosing 3D warehouse under the Window menu, or clicking the icon in the large tool set, then when you click download you will be asked if you want to “Load this directly into your SketchUp model?”. Choosing OK will place the object in your open model.

If you are looking at the warehouse in a separate web browser window (there are some good reasons to do this) then anything you download will be saved as a SketchUp file wherever you choose on your hard drive. You can place any .skp file into another by simply dragging and dropping the file from your hard drive into an open SketchUp modeling window. You could also use File>Import.

endlessfix may have already answered the question, but there is another possibility.

If you are using the Components panel to search for something, clicking on its text title or description will open up that model in the 3D Warehouse window. Clicking on the thumbnail of the model will immediately load it into the scene. It could be that you previously had the panel set to Details, and now you have it on List instead. Set it to an icon view or Details, and also make sure to click on the image and not the text.

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hi looks like theres a glitch when i downloaded it need to do it again…

thanks for all your help x