3D Warehouse Downloading Issue

I am using SketchUp Pro 2021. I am a long time SketchUp user and have never had this problem before. When downloading a model from 3D Warehouse from within my model, SketchUp asks me if I want to load the model directly into my model. Previously, if I said no SketchUp would open Windows explorer and allow me to save the 3D warehouse model as a new file. Now it loads the 3D warehouse model into my open model, whether I say yes or no when it asks me if I want to load the model into my model. I did install SketchUp 2021 as an administrator. Please help~


This has been reported already. Hopefully there’ll be a fix coming soon. In the meantime, open a separate SketchUp session to use for importing components from the 3DWH. Then after you’ve examined and cleaned them up, copy from that file into your project.

I feel like i might be having the same issue. I can no longer save a model from 3d Warehouse; it only opens a session of SU. Is this the same issue?

Any chance you aren’t ticking the correct box.

I wish i got that option. Once i click the download icon it simply does its thing with no option to save or open. I wonder if i hit that always open with option at one time and now I’m stuck! Not sure how to change that back to save file.

Can you not choose a version from the drop down list?

oh my! this thread helped… i found that it was a Chrome setting…