Downloading multiple models from 3D Warehouse

Since installing 19.3, the 3D warehouse function has changed a little. Whereas before, one could download a number of models in background, it now saves a model either by saying ‘No’ which closes 3D Warehouse and saves the model to a chosen directory - or one can import the model directly into the open file as before.

Why this change. Sometime I need to download a number of models to be able to inspect and choose the one that suits my needs, and don’t want to open 3D Warehouse every time. Perhaps I load SU2017 to do this :wink:

This had nothing to do really with the SketchUp version. It’s due to changes made in the 3D Warehouse.

Thanks Dave, in the meantime I figured that by opening 3D Warehouse directly in a browser, one can download models as before.

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