3d Warehouse- models not downloading


recently updated from Sketchup pro 2019 to 2020. since then I cannot download any images from 3d warehouse. I can open 3d warehouse and scroll through option, and I can click the download, but once download has completed nothing shows on my screen? Does anyone now why?


What operating system are you using? Pro 2020 isn’t an operating system.

FWIW, you don’t download images from the 3D Warehouse. You download components or models.

Hi Dave,

Im not sure what you mean? I installed sketchup onto my computer, which is windows.
I did the same when I initially purchased sketchup 2019 over 8 months ago and had no issue, immediately being ably to use sketchup for my designs and use 3d warehouse. since changing to sketchup pro 2020, when I open 3d warehouse via sketchup on my computer, and click ‘download’ for a model, it loads, and then goes back to my design, but with no visible model. does that make sense?


Check the scale of your model, you may have ended up zoomed right out and the objects are too small to see.


Have checked this and doesnt seem to be the case. No matter what object I select, it is not visible. I have already drawn a house and then am trying to load in models of furniture, but none of them are appearing once I click download. never happened to me in the 2019 version, has only been since updating to 2020.

Can you attach your model.

Im not sure how to attach? can you explain?

I feel like I need to sync my sketchup pro 2020 to the online 3d warehouse or something. is this a step that happens automatically or I need to set up?

Save your model and if it around 10mb or less just drag and drop it in a reply window. Larger than that you need to use dropbox or similar and paste a link in the reply window.

Dont know if this is helpful. I have opened a 3d drawing of another house I completed about 7 months ago using 2019. When I open 3d warehouse on that document, I can access and easily download any model from 3d warehouse that I like. However if I copy one pf the models from this folder and paste it onto my new 2020 design, it wont show.

Without seeing the model we can guess for days.

do you want me to put a model from the 3d warehouse into the reply box of our conversation? Is that what you are asking me to do?

No, the model of the house, your model.

Make a test.
Open a blank template, one with a human figure in it and try to download from the warehouse in that model.

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