3D warehouse not working in sketchup Pro 2020

Hi . I am having trouble withe 3D warehouse in SketchUp Pro 2020 - SketchUp stops responding when i try to download any model. I have to force quit sketchup. I have restarted my computer 5 times now… Am i missing something obvious? Advice please!

You will see that other people have had that happen as well. I still don’t know the solution, but one work around is to choose No when asked if you want to download into your model. When you choose No you will be able to save the model as its own file, and that should go very quickly.

Once you have the file you can open it and see if you want to change the model at all, then copy what you need into your real model document.

Thank you Colin for your response - it’s good to know i’m not alone! And that’s good advice.
I will definitely try that. Meanwhile i have copied the geometry & pasted into a whole new document - seems to be working better - i can at least import 3d warehouse items but i did loose a few elements in the geometry. Perhaps the original file got corrupted somehow.
I also have weirdly lost all of my document templates - any thoughts on that?!!