3D warehouse not downloading models

I have the trial for Sketchup 2020 Pro and the 3D warehouse has suddenly stopped allowing me to download any of the models into mine. I have restarted my computer and reopened and closed the program several times. Is there something I am missing

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Hi @Mkrus782,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We’ve identified a problem in our most recent release of 3D Warehouse and are rolling it back. You should be able to download from a browser now, and from inside of SketchUp 2020 in a few minutes.

Sorry for the trouble.

I’m having the same issue since about 45 minutes ago.
Hope this can be fixed asap.
Thank you for your work, I love SketchUp.

Bonjour ! Le problème vient donc de votre coté et non de nos logiciels actuellement ? (pas de réparation ou autre à faire ?)

Oui c’est correct.