Help! Why can't I import my 3D Warehouse models?



Hello, I’m a total noobie to Sketchup. When I import models from the 3D warehouse directly into my project…it works fine…no problems and the models show up. I had saved a few models to my hard drive to use at a later time, and those models I can’t seem to figure out how to import them into the project. when I click import,and go to retrieve them from their selected folder they don’t even show up to be selected. How can I get my saved models into my project? I didn’t change their file names or anything. They are the same as they were on 3D warehouse so I don’t understand what the issue is on getting them into my project. Hope yall can help me out. Thank you for your time.


Nevermind…problem solved…apparently you have to click (open) not (import)
Yeah…told you I was a noob…jeez


You can also import into either a new or existing model - just make sure to select the correct file type SketchUp Files (*.skp) to import. You can also import images and other types of CAD files, and one of those may have been the default choice when you opened the File/Import dialogue.

Here’s what the selection looks like on a Mac: