Trouble importing models from 3d Warehouse

When I go to the warehouse and attempt to import a model, I download it as a collata file, when I open it up, I get a warning saying the model doesn’t appear to be a sketchup model. Doesn’t matter what type it is. I can’t get it into my shetchup

You need to import the .dae file that is included in the zip file you download from the 3D Warehouse. Use File>Import and select .dae as the import format.

I do that, in my down loads, there is a .dae file,and another file called just model. when I click on the .dae file it opens , and I get the not a sketchup model warning

Share one of the zip files you’re trying to work with.

It sounds like you’re trying to use File>Open which will only open .skp files. File>Import will import it.

The folder called ‘model’ should contain the materials for the model.

I’m somewhat of a computer dufus, how do i share? The 2 files are both called model, 1 is just a jpg, and the other 1 is the .dae file

Just give me the title of the file in the 3D Warehouse so I can find it and download it myself.

The .jpg should be in a folder called Model and will be a texture for the model. If you extracted the contents of the zip file correctly you should see the .dae and a folder.

when I go to file import in my model, the 2 files in my directory don’t show up as .dae files, the are no visible files (85.9 KB)
This is just a practice model to see if I can figure it out

What file type have you selected to import?

.dae is the file type

When I opened the .zip file I see this:
Screenshot - 3_7_2022 , 12_53_41 PM

I copied the folder and the .dae file and placed them in a new folder on my computer. Then in SketchUp, File>Import. Select .dae as the import type. The .dae shows in the window.
Screenshot - 3_7_2022 , 12_54_34 PM

After selecting it and choosing Import, the model is attached to the cursor so I can place it where I want in the model space.

Is this a cabinet model you made?

I did not makes this model, I was just trying to see if I could import it

I think I have figured it out, Maybe I wasn’t extracting properly, I have tried a couple of different models to import, and have been able to do it, Thank you so much for your help

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