Importing dae files

When I import a dea file which was downloaded off of the 3D warehouse, I the materials do not get loaded onto the model. they are listed in the materials list but I can’t get them to be applied to the model. When I import the same model into a different tool the full model is imported, materials and all. Is there something I can do to get the materials on the model in sketchup?

The first question that comes to mind is, why are you downloading a DAE file to open in SketchUp? Why not download the SKP file? Or access the Warehouse directly in SketchUp and insert the model?

thanks… I have tried that and ofcourse when I do, I get the full model in skechUp. However, for the next step after editing the model in SketchUp I need a dae file. When I export a dae file after editing the sketchUp file the file will not load in the other software I am using. This exported dae file is a smaller file than when I download a dea file directly. I am not sure what information is being lost. I am unable to access the warehouse directly and I think that is because I am using the free trial version.

You should be able to access the 3D Warehouse from the trial version of SketchUp. The trial version is not limited in any way except for time.

If you need the DAE file in another program anyhow, why open it in SketchUp? There’s something missing in the explanation of your workflow.

As for the DAE export from SketchUp, what options are you selecting?

We want to be able to edit the picture. So if there is color we want to change or a logo we want to add we want to do that in sketchUp. when I export it I am going to filoe -> export -> 3D Model and saving it as a dea file.

But what options are you using for exporting the DAE file?

It just doesn’t make sense to import a DAE file into SketchUp when the native file version is available.

What exactly happens when you try to use the DAE file you’ve exported from SketchUp? Can you share an example SKP file that you’re working with?

Which 3D Warehouse model was it, so I can try the DAE?

hello, so I am getting files off of this site…

im having better luck by downloading the skp files and then exporting dea files. thanks

Would be good to know an exact model you had tried. I tried a random model, which didn’t have DAE as an option, so I used the DAE that is inside a KMZ file. That imported ok.

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