3D Warehouse downloads not available for 2017

Disappointed to see I can’t download 3D Warehouse models anymore because I am still using SketchUp 17. You say something about a collada file but I have no idea how to use that. Downloaded a collada file for a simple table which gave me a zip file with a model folder and a dae file. Nothing showed up or would open in SketchUp. So now I have to pay $350 a year to use 3D Warehouse I guess. Wish Google were still in charge of SketchUp.

If you look at the import choices, available even in the free make version, you will see that one of them is .dae files.
So import the .dae that you found in the zip

The 3D Warehouse supports the last three versions so 2021, 2020, and 2019. As a hobbyist you can still use SketchUp 2017 Make. As Box indicates, you can download the Collada version of the file via your web browser and import the .dae. Alternatively you can search the 3D Warehouse through the Components panel in SketchUp. It will serve upcomponents that were originally created as 2017 file.

As for wishing Google was still in charge of SketchUp, I don’t think so. Google was set toadd SketchUp to the Google Graveyard if someone didn’t come along to pick it up.

I have SketchUp Make 2017. When I go to import and navigate to the collada file, it doesn’t recognize it, shows nothing there. Neither the model dae file or the texture. Thank you, though! (No “import choices”)

Thank you. But when I try to import the dae model file that I know is in there it does not even show up. Sketchup does not recognize it. I have Sketchup Make 2017. But I will try the import through components option. I actually stopped using the components section years ago and just copy components into files, maybe because I ran into trouble with it. Don’t know why the .dae files I got, for two different simple table models from 3D Warehouse, don’t work/show up. Mystery.

Are you using File>Import? Are you selecting .dae in the file type list?

Which ones exactly?

There is no file type list when I push File - import. Nothing, no list. Just opportunity to browse for a file.

There is a popup menu below the file name box in the import dialog. For some file types, there is also the Options button.

Really? This is in SU2017 Pro which has more import options but Make will have Collada import.

Thank you. No there is nothing that looks like that. There is not even an arrow that shows there are options, like there is for “export.” But you know what, as I was looking at SketchUp again I was looking around and under Window there is 3D Warehouse listed. If I enter 3D Warehouse from there, and click to download a file, it doesn’t even mess with SketchUp year options, just asks if I want it put into my file and I saw yes and there it is. Amazing. Thank you for sticking with me on this so I could eventually work it out. Thanks.

*and I say yes and there it is (not saw)

I see now you were the person suggesting something about components - had to look back over these messages. That is what got me wondering about the component option generally, about somehow going directly to 3D Warehouse from Sketchup. Ended up helping very much.

I think you are missing the basics of how sketchup interacts with the file system of your computer. When you click File/Import it effectively leaves sketchup and open a Windows File Explorer dialog, part of the dialog is a box that contains the file name and next to that a box that shows the file types. This is what Dave is showing in his screenshot.

It is this file type box that you need to go to to change it to COLLADA files(*.dae) then it will see the file you can import.

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Oh wow you’re right, Box. I have never used that secondary (file type) box before, even though I’ve been using sketchup a lot of years. Feel like a fool. So glad I have gotten all of this feedback from all of you. Now I have two ways to import the 3DWarehouse components/models. Couldn’t ask for more than that. This is a pretty good forum. Thank you.

Very good forum.

Hi There,
I am having the same problem as you did and have read the solutions.
However, I cant seem to find the .dae file extension to the model I wanted to import.
I have opened the 3d Warehouse via Window - 3d warehouse-- then searched for the model category I wanted (mouldings), then to the particular model I wanted. (see screen shots below)
Here is where I am stuck.
The download button does nothing, (as I was expecting) but I can’t see where to locate the .dae file for this model on this dialogue box.

If I click on the 3d model, I am diverted to the on line model, but I have no idea how to export or save that model so I can then import it into Sketch Up 2017 pro as a .dae. or any other file.

Can you help?

Many thanks,

You need to open the 3D Warehouse in your internet browser to get the Collada file. Hover over the right end of the Download button to get the options.

Download the Collada file which will come with the extension .zip. Open the zip file and extract the contents. If there are materials included there should be a folder along with the .dae file. After you’ve extracted the files, use Import in SketchUp to import the .dae file.

I see what you are saying. It no longer works for me (nothing when I click download) from within SketchUp (Window) either. But when I go directly through the internet it does work, I do see an option for the Collada dae file. Then I could import it to Sketchup using the drop down list on import window. Been a while since I’ve used this…

It’s not supposed to work anymore.

Many thanks, Dave.

Seems to be working.



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